Meet the Team

The horses


Celsie was born in 2006 in the wild and captured as a 2-year-old.  She was adopted in late November 2009 from the Bureau of Land Management and has become a trusting partner for anyone who is around her.  Celsie enjoys long slow rides (her favorite speed is “sloth” speed) and loves to stop and say hi to anyone who is outside in their yard or walking on the trails.  She loves carrots and apples and will stand with you all day just to be with you.


Calypso was born in 2015 in the wild and captured as a 3-year-old.  She was adopted in a blind draw for a Mustang Training Challenge in 2019 where she finished 3rd in her division.  Calypso was an easy horse to train and tries her hardest to do what is being asked of her.  Calypso is becoming a solid riding horse and is very patient.

Pistol Annie

Pistol Annie, born in the wild in 2020 was caught for the Mustang Training Challenge in 2021.  She gained her name as she was quite a pistol at pick-up day at the Bureau of Land Management corrals.    She loves kids and enjoys being with people.  She made an appearance in a parade shortly after the competition and loved the attention from the crowd, she reminded everyone of a rodeo queen waiving at the crowd with a huge smile on her face.


Lola is almost 2 years old and is the programs only non-mustang. She is an Appendix, meaning she is a thoroughbred and quarter horse mix. She takes her time to think about what she is learning and retains it for later. She loves attention and wants to be in your back pocket. She is very curious and always wants to know what’s going on and what you’re working on!